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pic123.JPG1 glitch video is located on the videos page!

NEWPAPER DANCE:Line a person’s player card and there mail button on the side of the screen.Then open the newspaper then send that person mail.now you can dance with the newspaper

PIN Glitch:When yopu get ready to get a pin line up a person’s igloo button on the side of your screen then walk to the pin.when it asks you for the pin go mto that person’s igloo.the pin will be in the center of the screen giant!

Newpaper night club glitch:when you leave the boiler room and go to the night club.quickly tap on the newspapers exiting.when you are in the night club you can read a peper from over 8 weeks ago!

Boiler Room glitch:when you go from the nite club to the boiler room click on the speaker and tap the tab button when its loadin there will be yellow boxes on the screen.


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